Will ionic 1 still be supported after ionic 2 is released?

Hey everyone,

We’ve been using ionic for over a year now and really like it! After ionic 2 is released will ionic 1 still be supported? This would be useful for us to know because if this is not the case we want to start the migration process as soon as possible.

I definitely think it will be worthwhile to migrate apps over to v2, but no rush - the Ionic team have stated that Ionic 1 will be supported for a long time to come (I can’t recall the exact phrasing but essentially “for as long as people are using it”).

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Just to chime in on this.

Yes, we will still support Ionic 1, but we are encouraging everyone to start to look at Ionic 2 if they’re starting new projects.


Ionic 2 looks great. The delta between Ionic 1 and Ionic 2 app is significant – at least for our app. Our company has a substantial investment in our existing Ionic 1 app. It’s a huge sophisticated app. Ideally, we’d like to be running on the latest framework. But time is money :slight_smile: Making the leap would require a significant level of time and resources to port the code. Does Ionic have an official policy statement, which I can make available to our executive team, that describes Ionic’s ongoing support/development of the Ionic 1 framework. It would be very helpful to some sense of the lifetime for Ionic 1. It would be great to know what types of Ionic updates to expect and for how long. e.g. bug fixes only, new widgets, 2 years, … etc. Perhaps the answer is worthy of putting in the Ionic blog. Please let me know.




Now after 2 years, I think you got the answer. They don’t support it anymore. Also, in the near future, I think they would not support Ionic v2, v3, v4 etc. Why? Just have a look at their website. They have another one called “Stencil”. I regret that I spent too much time on Ionic and the skill I learnt won’t last.

Interesting statements

Ionic 4 will get lts. Maybe read the website again

Ionic 1 is basically angularjs which has lts too (from google)

Ionic 2/3 is angular skills basically, which is here to stay

Just React-ing


Ionic v4 gonna be the first official LTS version supported by Ionic


Stencil is the compilator use behind the scene to build Ionic v4. If you don’t want to, you could totally forget about it respectively ignore it if you are not interested. Ionic will still provide ionic-angular.

Finally, the migration from v3 to v4 should be way easier as from v1 to v2. I didn’t tried but had a look at the documentation, it definitely looks like search and replace mostly. I’m still not sure about the router system, if it will be a must to rewrite it, probably not, but except that doesn’t look that hard. Also I recently upgraded my web app from Angular v5 and Rxjs v5 to both v6, was easy