Is there any plan to deprecate / discontinue Ionic v1?

I’m about to put some serious developement time into an existing ionic v1 app and would hate to have to re-write (and learn V2/Angular 2) in the short term.

Hss there been any word of whren Ionic v1 might be discontinued / not get any more releases?

There hasn’t been a release of Ionic v1 since October '16:

If you are happy with what Ionic v1 currently can, go ahead and work on your app.
But I wouldn’t expect any new components or features for v1 any more.

(This is just my opinion and impression I have, no inside knowledge of course)

Do you know if there are any plans for Ionic v1 to support new OS releases (Android 8 and iOS 11)?

There are no milestones, and the ionic-v1 readme strongly recommends to use v2 instead.

I have a large Ionic 1 app, and there isn’t an easy upgrade path to Ionic 2… trying to tell if the large investment in upgrading is necessary.

That’s probably a question to post on Github then, to speak directly to a dev. But Ionic 4 is coming out soon. I’d be surprised if much effort is going into updating Ionic 1.

I’m in the same situation. I’ve got a v1 app that many users are paying for today. I’m terrified of the day that a breaking browser/platform change results in the app breaking and ionic-v1 is not updated fast enough (remember the time ionic used a private API for keyboards or when Apple changed ATS policies that broke SSL). I’ve already started a v2 version but I know its going to take me a lot of time and re-doing a lot of things that were tested over time. Bummer, but its how it is.

Remember that Ionic v1 also uses Cordova for the native app wrappers. So if you keep your Cordova and platforms updated, changes on the native side should not really become a problem.

The only possible breaking changes would be if the Webviews used in the native apps would change or remove some fundamental HTML or JS functionality. I think it’s pretty safe to say this probably will not happen.

What possible changes are scaring you?

Right - this has actually happened in the past, like this

In terms of weighing whether the investment in upgrading is worth the effort, factors you should consider:

  • Your project’s roadmap (the upgrade should be treated as an epic)
  • How confident you are with the current state of the codebase from an ongoing maintenance perspective
  • User/Business expectations on access to new/updated device APIs (You’ll be writing more plugin integrations yourself)

I too have a large app (enterprise-grade, could realistically be broken into 4 smaller apps). In our case, we made mistakes early on with implementing v1 that have increased our overhead & limited the user experience we can provide. We’re justifying the upgrade on the angle of an improved experience & the lowered costs for both new development & ongoing maintenance.

Yes, but I would assume this would be solved in a similar way.

I wold also wont to know that :slight_smile: Just to know when to start migrating the code