Starting App with Standalone Components - Ionic v7

Hello there!

I’m pretty new to Ionic and I just noticed that there is a lot of questions about the new version (v7), specifically about the abscence of modules and the use of standalone components.
What happened to me is that I installed the latest version of nodejs, ionic and angular and then I wrote the following command:

ionic start myApp tabs 

That created an App with standalone components and without modules. And that happened to me using Windows 10. Then I installed Windows 11 in my computer and also nodejs and Ionic again, but when I ran the command to start an App, it created a proyect with modules.

I was wondering if there is any special command that I can use to specify that I want to create the app with standalone components? I really want to start using them and learn how they work. Even though I have the latest version it’s still creating the modules.

Hey, I shared some background on this here

Basically, we reverted the changes as not everyone in the community was familiar with standalone. We’re working to add them back as an optional starter template so hang tight.


wise choice! :slight_smile:
thank you!

I understand now. Thank you so much! Yeah, I think having that optional change would be great.