App.module.ts file not being created with ionic version 7

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create an application, it’s tested with ionic 7, but the app.module.ts doesn’t appear. Does anyone know anything about it? I don’t see that they have removed the file upload.

thank you

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Same here! Done ionic start command generated a blank app and I don’t have the app module.

Same Here with me ionic 7 supports angular 15 standalone components and i am not familiar with the same. if i go to previous version of ionic that is ionic 6 version with the following commands

npm install @ionic/angular@6

npm install @ionic/angular@6 @ionic/angular-server@6

and check ionic version it will still show version 7.0 Need help as soon as possible.

That is indeed, as the latest ionic starter template is build to use Angular’s Standalone components.

Answerd on a similar question by @sean-perkins on discord:

Here is a few different resources that may be helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

Angular’s documentation for standalone routing: Angular

Angular architects guide: Routing and Lazy Loading with Angular's Standalone Components - ANGULARarchitects

Also if you use ionic start and select the tabs starter template, it will include some default routing configurations required by routing.

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Thanks… I research on the subject👍🏻

i found that in the main.ts
i can add all what i need so no need to the app module as i see


Hi everybody,
I have the same issue but I can’t understand exactly when it occours because I cannot reply.
I have installed ionic 7.
Some days ago, when I gave ionic start the created app was without the app.module.ts file, i.e. with Angular Standalone Components.
Today, when if I gave ionic start the app has got the app.module.ts file.
I didnt’ modify anything in my ionic installation.
How is it possilble?
How can I decide if I want a ionic app with Angular Standalone Components or not?
Thank very much.

I posted my problem also in the ionic framework github page and they answered me: bug: ionic 7 with or without Angular Standalone Components (without or with app.module.ts) · Issue #27281 · ionic-team/ionic-framework · GitHub