App.module.ts not created by default


I’m starting to use Ionic. I read the official documention but I don’t understand why when I create a new project the app.module.ts and app-routing.module.ts aren’t create.

Here my dependances :

  • @angular/cli@15.2.4
  • @briebug/jest-schematic@5.0.0
  • @ionic/cli@7.0.0
  • @nestjs/cli@9.1.3
  • cordova-res@0.15.4
  • jest@29.3.1
  • native-run@1.7.2

Anyone can help me please ?


I’ve the same issue here.

Same problem, I’ve been researching all day and nothing. Additional documentation to import native libraries does not appear. Capacitor http for example

Since Ionic 6.3, they decided to use Angular Standalone Component Routing. So I search to use Module.

Did you have solve the problem? I have the same issue.

Ther is no issue! It’s indeed as the latest starter templates uses angulars standalone logic by default now. Get familiar with it here: Angular

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If so, investigating everything is ok, you must add the modules to be used within the same component when it is standalone, the app.module is not necessary