I hate Angular 16 standalone components

Slightly incendiary title, but I really don’t like them. Perhaps I don’t understand them, or the concept behind why you now have to import simple modules in to EVERY component you create. It just seems completely counterintuitive.

Anyway, gripe over. I note Ionic 7 supports Angular 14+. Is it possible to run ionic start and specify either Ionic 6 with Angular 15 or Ionic 7 with Angular 15? I can’t seem to find any documentation on specifying a version of Angular or Ionic when initialising a project.

ionic start will always use latest templates available here
which at the moment use Ionic 7 and angular 16.

You could probably create a repository with code from an older commit and run start like this
ionic start "my App" https://github.com/yourUser/your-forked-template.

Anyway, you can still angular 16 without standalone components, ionic start will ask you if you want to use NgModules or Standalone on last step of framework selection after the template.

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