Ionic Angular Standalone

What version of Ionic is recommended? I see from bug report on GitHub that there are some bugs with Standalone Ionic Components. I personally encountred one of them. Should I still prefer Ionic Modules than Standalone Ionic Componente for my app?

Ionic 7

What bug report? What bug you encountered? stand alone components are working fine in ionic 7.

Just open Issues · ionic-team/ionic-framework · GitHub and Ctrl+F “standalone”. You will find 3 bugs.

Personally, I encountred this one, when upgrading to standalone components. It is alredy closed, but I have a doubt now about upgrade to Standalone components.

The choice between Ionic Modules and Standalone Ionic Components depends on your project’s requirements and the version of Ionic. Check if the bugs you encountered are resolved in the recommended Ionic version. If you need complete functionality and the issues are fixed, go with Modules. For more control, opt for Standalone Components. Stay updated with Ionic’s evolution.