[SOLVED] Swipe event freeze scroll on iOS and Android


I’m trying to upgrade to Ionic 3 and I’m facing a problem on iOS and android.

After the upgrade, I noticed that my ion-scroll is frozen (not scrollable) when it contains a swipe event.

Maybe it was luck but till Ionic 2.3.0, before upgrade, the scroll was fine, was scrollable, alright.

After upgrade, if I remove the event everything is working fine. I also created a minimal starter app where I tried to reproduce the problem, without any success, therefore I don’t think that the bug is on the Ionic side but mine.

Anyone faced that kind of problem? How did you solved it? Or anyone may have an idea/tips where I should have a look? I’m kind of slowly becoming insane about that bug

Thx a lot for any help

<ion-scroll #datePickerScrollY scrollY="true" id="datePickerScrollY">
    <ion-list no-padding (swipe)="swipeSomething($event)"> <!-- There, the swipe on the list or on the ion-scroll freeze my scroll -->
        <ion-item *ngFor="let hero of heroes" tappable (click)="whatever()">

Might be related to: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/11112

That bug is making I’ve to say slowly crazy … anyone have got an idea for a workaround other than removing the swipe event?

Look like the SwingModule (angular2-swing) is the reason for my frozen list with event (swipe). As soon as I remove the module, then my lists are scrollable again.

Why? No ideas

Opened an issue, cause I’ve got no idea how to fix it, in the angular2-swing project

Also if someone want to have fun, here a sample project to reproduce the problem


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The lib is probably blocking any gestures/touch events that happen.
Haven’t tried it myself, but a quick guess could be that.

Thx, agree with you. Probably due to some evolution of Ionic 2.3 -> 3 this lib is blocking the gestures/touch events that happen on a device (tried many times, it’s still working while debugging in safari and chrome).

Another option could be to look at the market

Simple to reskin to fit your needs.

Thx for trying to find an alternative.

Look like, according the description of Ionic-2-tinder-cards, that he based his implementation on the same tutorial as I did which use the same lib angular2-swing

angular2-swing is using swing which is using hammerjs. My feeling is that that last library is blocking the gestures. Someone recently opened an issue going in that direction.

Also I should check why everything is loaded when I only import the module. Except that, in my demo app, I don’t use the components of the libs itself, therefore I’m asking my self why it applies on the all app.

Yep, in swing, following require is the source of the problem

var _hammerjs = require('hammerjs');

var _hammerjs2 = _interopRequireDefault(_hammerjs);

After another couple of hours I finally come to the conclusion that maybe the best solution was to create a fork of these libraries to avoid the use of an external hammerjs reference where Ionic already embed is own version of hammer.

Doing so I created https://github.com/peterpeterparker/ionic-swing which seems to solve my issue according my test.

@mhartington may ask you, does that sound spontaneous totally silly or not? If not, then hooray, I’ll consider my issue as solve, I gonna be able to upgrade to Ionic 3 and of course I gonna share that forked project with the community…if silly then the beer gonna have different taste :wink:

Freak, this story has freaking no end.

chrome: ok
iOS: ok now after my investment
android: ko

Opened an issue in the Ionic GitHub since I could reproduce the problem with a simple code and no foreign libs

My issue seems to finally being solved on both iOS and Android.

Don’t know exactly why, I updated app-scripts today and removed/reinstalled all the dependencies. Also update cordova, most probably one of these operations solve my issue, that’s cool, I finally could update to Ionic 3 and close that issue :slight_smile:

For the fork of the swappable cars I created, follow following link:

@reedrichards sir i have same scrolling issue only in the iphone7 scroll are freeze after move to top and bottom as well l boucing effect in the screen.but in the another iphoneX,iphone5 scrolling working perfect but sir i have already using updated app-script version but issue are still here,tell me any another way to fix the scrolling issue?

no idea sorry, this post is two years old, it’s been a long time since I even migrated to v4

good luck

@reedrichards : you have solution in the abve post for fixing the scrolling that’s the reason the reason i will ping you. ok thanks

This works for me on Ionic 3: https://stackoverflow.com/a/66605626/1077309