Ion-list scroll doesn't work with swipe gesture

Hi, I have one issue with combining ionic list component and swipe gestures.
So here is my html template:

`<div *ngIf="data"  (swipe)="changeRange($event)">
        <ion-list no-lines>
                <ion-item *ngFor="let item of data" >

And my controller code

    templateUrl: 'build/pages/template.html',
export class CoolPage {

    public range:DateRange;

    constructor(private nav:NavController, private navParams:NavParams, private dataService:DataService) {
        this.dataService= dataService;
        this.navParams = navParams;
        this.nav = nav;
        this.range = dataService.getRange();

    ionViewDidEnter() {
      /*SOME CODE HERE*/

    changeRange(event) {
        switch (event.direction) {
            case SwipeDirection.LEFT:
                /*SOME CODE HERE*/
            case SwipeDirection.RIGHT:
                 /*SOME CODE HERE*/

    enum SwipeDirection {
        LEFT = 2,
        RIGHT = 4

The issue is that after I applied (swipe) directive to my template ion-list scroll became broken. Any ideas how it can be done or fixed?


I discovered that scroll becomes disabled when you add any of gestures above the list block.

UPD 2:
Don’t know if someone had this issue, but I discovered how it can be solved.
You should place gestures directives to ion-content, and if you places them to nested blocks of ion-content, scrolls becomes unavailable.