Requesting assistance to help test the tap/click/keyboard/focus/scroll fixes


We just updated the nightly build (1712 and later) with a wide range of fixes related to fast clicks, bringing up the keyboard on text input focus, scrolling, showing links/buttons as active, not firing off a click if a scroll happened, etc. We’ve been testing this build with the following scenarios:, but we would love to get more developers testing the updates.

There are multiple open issues this build is fixing, so if you find any issues please post a comment on the most related issue:

Once the issues within this commit are ironed out the plan is to release beta2 next.

Thanks in advanced!


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Hey, @adam, I found that the scrolling doesn’t work when touching on an input. The old issue is here:

it was be fixed in the version released in 4.16, but for 4.18, it doesn’t work again.


@adam, another issue is when scrolling the item list, the item shows grey background color. This was fixed in fisrt beta version, but occurs now again. The background color should only shows when tap the item.


I tested it on Android 2.3.
The main issue for me was the obligation to double tap an input field to fire up the keyboard.
This is fixed BUT the application crashes a lot when playing with inputs.

Note that this did not happened with Beta 1 nor previous version
Here are the logcat’s logs

I’m on Cordova 3.4.1-0.1.0, android 2.3.6


So far what I’m seeing is that taps seem to be a bit more responsive on iOS, haven’t fully tested on Android yet.

But there is one issue that I’m seeing when I have a ion-content with scroll set to false.

I am then able to move the entire frame of the app up a few pixels (5 or so). When I set scroll to true, this doesn’t happen.

Initial state:

When I drag my finger over the content:

Gif: click it to see animation:

As you can see, the whole frame including navbar slides up and at the bottom a row of white pixels is displayed.

Once again, when I set ion-content scroll="true" this doesn’t happen.

It does still happen when ion-content is set to true. If I drag my finger upwards on the footer bar the same behavior occurs.


Just rolled back to the 1.0 beta 1, it is happening there as well.


I’ve pin-pointed this behavior to the ion-footer element. If I remove ion-footer from my partial, this weird scrolling behavior doesn’t occur anymore.

I’m on Cordova 3.4.1, iOS 7.1


If you have a text field at the bottom of a screen, when you click/tap to enter into that field, the keyboard initially covers it - which could be confusing for users (as they cant see what they are meant to be typing into)… When you start typing however, the view/screen does scroll up so you can see what you are typing.

Suggestion: If you have put focus to a text field, can you ensure that that particular text field is visible, before they start typing.

IOS 7.1


Further digging:

After adding position: fixed to .pane, the scrolling stopped. If there are no objections, I would propose including this in ionic.css.

However, this issue remains: when a form element has focus, it is possible to scroll the entire app under the header bar.


@Lagoonwish Thanks for testing out this build. What device and platform version are you testing on that you are unable to scroll when the target was an input? These devices are what we’ve been using.

As for the background color, it’ll stay gray for a few pixels while you scroll, but once you go over 6 pixels it should remove the gray background, and will also no allow a click to happen on touchend/mouseup. Are you receiving any javascript errors and did you update the CSS too?


@coen_warmer .pane does not have position:fixed on purpose, and adding it may cause a few issues with scrolling and view transitions and animations. So in your case you could probably just add the custom css, but for the framework that needs to work in all cases it might do more harm than good.

I also just replied in issue 932:


It’s also happens to me, on iOS 7.1 on iPhone 5s. build 1717
And another weird thing when it focus on the input the header slide down a little.


Hi, @adam, the platform is ios7.0.


Hi @adam

After using latest nigthly build, and now my button and font seems not smooth anymore, you can see in below animation gif, that show sign in button and menu in sidebar seems so weird

Tested using Genymotion and Android 4.1.1


Trying to disable clicking on a list while the list is still scrolling

Agreed that this is an issue. I have text inputs low on the screen on a non-scrolling page. It previously worked as expected with the active text input scrolled up to be visible. Now it remains hidden until I type something.


The side menu gets stuck a lot, and sometimes this happens:

Also weird bug with <select> elements:


We’re actively working on a branch which fixes text inpust that get covered by the keyboard. We’ve also build a cordova plugin which reports the keyboard height so that we’re able to adjust correctly.

@alon_gubkin Would you be able to open an issue, to include what platform/version, and how to replicate the issue?

@ghprod So the fonts are no longer smooth since changing your css to use the nightly build? So when you switch the css back to beta.1, it’s smooth again?

@Lagoonwish Would you be able to create a codepen to replicate the issue?

Thanks for testing out the nightly build and we’ll work to get it fixed up, thanks!


Previously i use nightly build too, to fix about tap/click issue, and i dont have backup for last nightly build before Ionic Package: nightly 1.0.0-beta.1-nightly-1717 (2014-04-18)
So i cant test it with older nightly, perhaps you still have previously nightly version?


  • Flickering when keyboard toggled open / close (Android) - fixed
  • quick tap - fixed

FYI, New issue:

I show contacts list by using following code (with ion-infinite-scroll):

<div  bindonce ng-repeat="contact in visible_contacts| contactsFilter:searchKey" 
              class="item item-button-right item-thumbnail-left">
            <img bo-src="'img/default.png'">  
            <h2 bo-text="contact.displayName"></h2>
            <h4 bo-text="contact.emails"></h4>
            <button class="button button-clear" style="top: 33px"
                    ng-click="contactSelected(contact, $index)"
                <i class="icon" 
                   ng-class="{ 'ion-checkmark': !contact.selected, 'custom_checkmark': contact.selected }"
                   style="margin-right: 5%"></i>


for 1.0.0 beta1 I see 1st group of 30 contacts

for night build - empty list. Sounds like loadMore not fired.

Tested on Nexus 4 (ver 4.4.2)