Ionic 3 breaks (press) and (click)


I just upgrade to the latest Ionic 3 and I’m having problems scrolling a list that was working just fine in Ionic 2. The gesture scrolling simply freezes when the cursor/finger is on one of the items. This happens in the browser and in Android.

The list has items that contain both (click) and (press) event handlers. For example:

<ion-card (press)="doPress()" (click)="doClick()">

Here’s a repo that illustrates the problem. I suspect this isn’t expected behaviour, but I couldn’t find anything here about it, nor on the Angular forums. Am I missing something?

Thank you,


I believe it’s related to this issue:

PS - the problem also happens with any combo of 2 or more events. (swipe) and (click), for example.

Looks similar, thank you. I think this is an Angular 4 / Ionic 3 regression.

PS 2 - actually, currently scrolling with works with click. Any other event, even individually, causes the list to freeze!

Here you go, that’s the issue to follow, welcome to the club