Side Menus sample code does not work in Android emulator

Steps I followed:
ionic start myApp blank to create a blank app. Launched the app in Android emulator. Worked fine.
Copied html, js, css code from Relaunched App in Android emulator. Home page shows up. But Menu clicks are not working. No errors in Chrome console.

How to debug further?

What version of android are you using?

I am using Android emulator. Platform version 4.4.2, API level 19.

Hmm, I just tried this on my android emulator and actual device and everything works fine. Are you using the default android emulator or genymotion emulator?

I am using the default android emulator. Not sure what I am missing. No errors in Chrome console. Actually the home page launches just fine, mouse click on menu button is not working. Any pointers on where to debug this issue?

Well you can do some remote debugging with chrome and the ADB plugin, but it’s most likely the emulator. It’s notoriously slow.

What would you suggest? Use a real device. Will tht be faster to debug issues?

Genymotion for emulators, so much faster! Free for personal use.

Or use device

The side menus works fine with Genymotion. Thanks.

Just getting started with Ionic and ran into this same issue. Everything works as it should on a device and with Genymotion. Is there any fix for the default emulator?

No. I am using just the Genymotion or the real device.