App works fine on chrome browser but not in GenyMotion or Actual android device

Hi all,

My app and its features are working fine in browser, but when i am tring to run it on GenyMotion or on actual device it fails. I am able to install it successfully but it is blank after splash screen on the device.

I have also verified an errors using chrome but it doesn’t showing any error in console.

Please help me to get rid out of this bug.

Thank you.


I got the solution for my problem… You also go through this, may be it will help…

In my code i have used $state.go('url');
and my controller looks like :

.state('post', {
            url: "/post",
            abstract: true,
            views: {
                'main': {
                    templateUrl: "/templates/xyz.html",
                    controller: "xyzCtrl"

It doesn’t works because of templateUrl is starts with slash (/). Your template URL must be relative like :

templateUrl: "templates/xyz.html",

Just Remove (/) at the begaining from each templateUrl…

Thank you.