Debugging Ionic App in Genymotion


Is there any documentation available that details how to debug an ionic app running in a Genymotion emulator? When I try to use Chrome Dev Tools / Inspect it shows the emulator and IP address but no inspect button. It appears to be pretty easy to do in the iOS emulator using Safari but it’s not working for me using Chrome and Genymotion.


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I don’t know about Chrome, but you can always use ADB:



Thanks for the link I think it will get me started and help me figure out where my errors are. What I still need to figure out is how to step through my JavaScript code while it’s running on the emulator or the device. If anyone has a way to do that I would love to hear about it.


So there are two ways you could do this.
If your genymotion vm is android 4.4 and up, you can use chrome to debug your app, similar to this manner.

But if you’re using and older version of android 4.1-4.3, its going to be a bit tougher. You could use this post to enable some devtools with weinre


I have installed browser crosswalk plugin but I am unable to see the javascript files in the source tab in chrome.
Can you please suggest how can I debug my application.