Should I use Windows for Android port or stick with Mac?


I have a Mac development environment all working and am now coming to at least a pause in developing my app using Ionic. I’m never sure you never really finish development but thats another story :smile:

Anyway, part 2 of my plan to take over the world is to port my app that works on iOS to Android. I’m pretty comfortable with the Mac and getting the app developed and tested. My workflow works for me so I can turn code round quickly. I’m less familiar (zero in fact) with Windows.

One question I have is what environment to do the Android port/development on. Should I stick with Mac, should I move to Windows or perhaps even go to Linux? I’m happy with Mac and even happier with Emacs (the one true editor) on Linux but I’d like to hear peoples views about what they did.

Should I just stay on the Mac or are there advantages with Windows or Linux? All comments gratefully received.



Hi @rwillett,

It is all preference and what you feel most comfortable with.

The only true advantage to developing on Mac vs Windows and Linux is that you can only build iOS applications with Mac.

I personally develop on a Mac as well as an Ubuntu Linux machine. I do this because it often is a painful process to get everything installed and configured for Windows machines. Many will argue against me, but again it is preference.


Thats for the reply, that sounds a sensible response. I’m not looking to have yet another machine to use, in fact I’m rationalising servers as I type. I’ll stay with the Mac but perhaps put a Mac VN to test out how it all works before installing yet more software :smile:
Best wishes,