Is knowledge of Angular.js necessary for starting with ionic framework

I am a complete newbie to ionic framework and angularjs but I have fairly good knowledge of jQuery / javascript and html5.
I want to try ionic for a new mobile app but concerned about my lack of knowledge of Angular.
Should be I be well conversant with Angular before trying ionic framework.

Any inputs are appreciated.

Thanks a lot!!

There are some introductionary videos available at the angular site. Be sure to watch these, to get used to the concepts of angular. If you’re fluid with javascript then just go ahead and explore the ionic demo app. If there’s something you don’t get have a look at the angular and the ionic docs. You will be able to answer yourself many questions using the docs and some web searching.


Thanks a lot. I will try my hand at ionic!

A good resource for angular is

It covers a lot of the essential angular parts and should get you up to speed

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