Setp By Step: How to develop phonegap app

I’m trying to figure out how to develop good phonegap app using ion.
I have lots of problems - is my thinking right?

  1. Develop HTML5 app as a website (structure) index.html, /template/, /js/, /lib/with ion/, /css/ in You favourite IDE like WebStorm or Netbeans
  2. When 1. is done add cordova.js file
  3. Create with CLI android platform and check/debug it on a true device.
  4. Than create relese apk

Should I use Phonegap build after step 2?

How to add plugins (ex. google analytics)? How to test them? On emulator? I’t soooo slow. I have true android device - how to debug with it? Or maybe I can debug cordova with plugins using other way?

Can anyone and be so kind to create tutorial with all those steps?

Now I don’t know weather to use phonegap build, install Android Studio or Eclipse. I simply am lost:/

That’s a whole lot of questions for a simple forum post. I think you need to dig a bit more into general phonegap development in general to understand.

Good OVERVIEW (not specific to Ionic and a bit old) :

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This is related to the above question.

I have experience using Phonegap for many years. I’m testing ionic today for the first time and I wondered what files I need to transfer from an ionic project to compile that application with Phonegap. Is this possible?

I can see that ionic created a file called config.xml which is very similar to the Phonegap file. Can I modify that to submit this project to phonegap? (No) The rest of files and folder CSS, img, js are the primary files to be used with phonegap. I am assuming that is because the SCSS that is under the lib folder holds other types of files that you don’t need in this case but browse, menu, playlist…you need that…

In short, it works. However, the number of folders and files I’m still want to know…wow the interface is great…lets see if this work with XMLHttpresquest, ajax… and javascript…so far is going ok…

Check this out:

If you follow the “Getting Started” at , it will create a cordova project for you. Then, you just modify it. You don’t have to move any of it into a different project.

Have a look at this