Phone gap build

Using a Phonegap Build feature i can build an ionic app that used ionic UI and AngularJS?

we are doing it very often…

you could create a new project with the cli --> move the config.xml to your www-folder. now your www-folder is you phonegap build project. You do not need the cli anymore.

But keep in mind you need to add your plugins in the phonegab build style in your config.xml and you need to manually set the correct paths to your splashscreens ans app icons!

And if you are using github --> only commit the sources of the www-folder to your repo. In phonegap build you can connect this repo with your build-app


Hi thanks for the replay. other than using phonegap is their any way to build my ionic app as an Android app

use ionic cli/lab or cordova/phonegap cli

  1. install cordova-cli
  2. install ionic-cli
  3. install android sdk
  4. install java jdk/jre
  5. create project and add android as platform
  6. build your android app :smile:

look trough the ionic-docs there are tutorials for that cases

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so if i use the ionic cli and build my project i can get the out put as a apk file?


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Thanks for the replay.