Phonegap build for ionic and angular js


Is there a way where we can roll out the phonegap version of ionic and angular js combo for android mobiles? I am able to create a cordova project and ionic project.But it always displays a blank screen. I have bypassed the proxy using “proxifier” and created the ionic project but I am not sure if phonegap and ionic make a good combination


Cordova and Phonegap are essentially the same.

Phonegap Build is a separate service from Adobe that is aimed at automating the final compiling step of a Cordova/Phonegap app through the cloud, so you don’t need Xcode and the Android SDK / Eclipse.

If your app doesn’t compile through Phonegap Build, but it does compile when using Xcode / Eclipse, most likely there is something wrong with either your Phonegap Build configuration (I know there are some differences in config.xml between regular Cordova / Phonegap and Phonegap Build, or one of the plugins you’re using aren’t compatible with Phonegap Build.

In my experience Phonegap Build isn’t worth the hassle at this stage. There are already so many stacks (html, css -> Angular -> Ionic -> Cordova -> Cordova Plugins -> Xcode/Eclipse -> Actual device) with varying levels of stability to account for that the upside in building your executable through a service just isn’t worth it. The CLI works fine enough, especially when using Gulp / Grunt. Just my $0.02.