Device Testing Ionic App

Hello, I’m a PhoneGap / web dev trying out Ionic and I’m having some issues with testing. The biggest issue right now is I can’t figure out how to deploy my app to an actual Android device. I can get my app to run in chrome and inside the ionic lab but I can’t get it to my device.

I found this command: ionic cordova run android --device

But it does not work. I am connected via USB and USB debugging is enabled. I also have android studio SDK installed (though i have not used it in any way) After entering that command, I get ‘app deployed’ but nothing happens on the device. I also tried using Ionic AppDev from the google play store but I can’t even get past the registration/login screen with that.

At a loss here. I don’t trust the emulator so I don’t want to get too invested in development that may not work on an actual device.


I would recommend you start by building the APK using:

$ ionic cordova build android

This will hopefully result in the link to the APK file, which you can then install using:

$ adb install <path-to-apk>

Make sure you have ADB installed in your path to use the adb command!

By going through these 2 steps you can then see if one of them is not really working, otherwise after installing it the app should be somewhere on your device :slight_smile:

Thank you. I had a heck of a time getting my environment setup correctly. AFter this issue, I had a issue where I needed to download Java Develpment Kit version 8 because 9 is not supported yet (which no one mentions) and then I ran into a YOU MUST ACCEPT ANDROID SDK LICENSE AGREEMENT issue, which required me to download android SDK, find the download button (blue down arrow on toolbar right side), download the appropriate android version (8.0) and then everything worked.

Hi @Weasele

Have u managed to get an ionic app working in phonegap developer app?

The livereload does not work nor the gestures.

I am Using phonegap serve.

Would be nice to get ionic to work in phonegap developer app in order to control plugins better