Service for building Ionic apps

I didn’t really know where to post a question like this but I have been wondering for a while…

Will Ionic ever release a tool which allows Ionic apps to be built for multiple platforms (i.e. iOS and Android) from both a WIndows machine or an Apple Mac. A service similar to PhoneGap build that is, where it does the building of apps on their server side.

This would be such a great feature and would make it so so soooo much easier to develop multi-platform hybrid apps without having to build on separate machines. I only own a Windows machine so to use PhoneGap Build I cannot easily integrate it with all the other Ionic tools and services that are being released.

I think that would be an amazing addition to the stack and would help a lot of people! I would definitely pay a small subscription fee for this service and I’m sure others would too

Just wondering if this has ever been discussed or even if it’s an idea which is in motion?

Thanks!! :smile:


Hey @mbrookson,

We’re building something like that as part of our services. Stay tuned. In the meantime, try to avoid @'ing us right off the batt.

Thank you for your reply @perry!

Sounds great, very keen to see what might come about so I will keep my eyes peeled. Awesome work you guys have done over the last year or so!

And apologies for the @'ing