Seeking Freelance Dev with IAP2 Plugin Experience

Hey everyone,

I’ve got an educational app on the App Store and Google Play with a few hundred users and I’m currently using the lite/paid model to allow users to try my app before they buy it.

It would be much better for users and for me if I could lock certain pages behind a single In App Purchase instead of having users switch from the lite to the paid app, since their progress is stored locally in the Lite app and won’t carry over to the paid app.

I tried to implement the ionic native IAP2 plugin myself a few months ago, but documentation is lacking and I didn’t trust myself to create something that worked reliably, so now I’m seeking a freelancer to help me out.

My app is a digital textbook and what I would want to do is lock access to lessons 6-30 behind a single IAP that would allow the user to navigate to lessons 6-30. All of my content is stored locally on the device and there’s no internet required or anything being pulled from a server (I’m not sure if that makes things simpler or not).

All navigation is done from the home page to each lesson. My initial attempts at using the IAP plugin involved storing a value in the sql database after verifying a purchase, and checking for the presence of that value before allowing a user to push() the first page of lessons 6-30, but I didn’t follow through in my production code due to reading reports of plugin bugs that scared me away.

The plugin will only have to be referenced on the single home page, and I guess a restore purchase button will be needed on the setting page to comply with app store policies.

If anyone has a working implementation of the InAppPurchases2 plugin in their production app, please reach out to me either via message, reply to this post, or email (edit: email removed after 3 spam emails).

I’m happy to discuss time estimates and payment options too, and it’s not a super time sensitive project if you’re busy now but might have time in a few weeks.


Hello Evan,

I would help you with your requirement. Please check your mail box.

Add me on Skype: cis.vincent to discuss further


Hi @EvanW, Keenly interested to work with you, let’s walk through your requirements. Readily available via Skype: hello.addweb to discuss.