Inapppurchase plugin in DevApp?

I was surprised to know this plugin is not in DevApp. Are you guys looking to support it in a future installment?

Could this work at all? Don’t you have to create the IAP for your app - which is technically impossible for the DevApp that belongs to Ionic?

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What do you mean by create an IAP? I thought you did that on the Play/App Console?

Yes, but how should that work in the Ionic DevApp? You have to build your app yourself for this to work - you can’t use the Ionic DevApp container for that.

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After using it more and getting null values I see what you mean now. I was using it incorrectly (have to upload it to the play console to test!). Sorry to bother you. :confused:


Just a post about something I got as a result in further usage of the plugin. The inAppPurchase works in a debug apk. But I am talking about the InAppPurchase not the InAppPurchase2 as stated in the ionic/native docs. Don’t know if there is a difference.

I don’t still don’t know if I can buy but I know I can check if it is working, and if I already bought the in app product I can also use the .restorePurchases() method.

I wonder if it works in debug .apk if it could work in a DevApp environment?