In app purchases plugin vs. In app purchases 2

I took a look at the github repos and old posts in the forum and it seems like the ‘ionic-native IAP plugin’ is no longer recommended because of instability after iOS version 10.3.2 and newer.

The in app purchases 2 plugin seems to have much more activity on github but fewer examples to see how it is implemented.

Does anyone with experience with either or both of these plugins have advice for someone hoping to use one of them? Thanks!

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I have no experience yet, but literally this morning, I decided to move to In App Purchases 2 because it looks better maintained. I’m planning to write a mock sometime today. One negative is that there’s a great mock already written by Chris Griffiths for In App Purchases 1, but none for 2. So if you have positive or negative experiences with the plugin, please post.

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I was about to start looking into the 2 different plugins, and I still can’t find any reviews between the 2. Does anyone have any followup on experiences between the 2 plugins?

My googling informed me that most people recommend using them IAP2 plugin over IAP1, but it seem like both have reported errors and difficulties. IAP2 has worse documentation, in my opinion, but I guess it’s more stable than the other, which has multiple unfixed problems.

I ended up creating two different versions of my app (1 free and 1 paid), instead of a single version with certain content locked behind an IAP.

It’s definitely a plugin that should be well maintained and stable in 2017, considering how Apple and google are both pushing towards the in app purchase model, with Apple even having a special section on the App Store to highlight IAPs for various apps…

Yeah. Honestly, I’d be willing to buy a paid alternative, if it was guaranteed to be stable. This seems to be a real hole in the ecosystem.

Edit: I started a Github issue for this.