Community resources for Mobile/Web payments

Hi Ionic Community,

Like a lot of people here, I’m pretty new to hybrid app development but have had a great time learning Ionic and Angular - it’s amazing how much our small team has been able to do in such a short time thanks to the hardwork of the Ionic team!

We’re almost ready to start integrating a mobile payment system into our app and would really appreciate any and all resources you could share on the topic as it relates to best practices/resources/services etc.

I know there’s a lot of rules for in-app purchases (IAPs) for both the Play and App store and given how easy it is to build Ionic apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Firefox etc, it feels like a bit of a minefield ahead.

Maybe the @sworkit team could provide some insight into how they’ve tackled this, lessons learned, advice for the community? I noticed you have a paid and free version of the app instead of going the IAP way, was there an ionic-guided reason for this i.e. was it easier to do this because the payment is then handled through the app store as opposed to handling the payment inside the app?

If we can put enough info together perhaps this could be turned into an Ionic Blogpost or Ionic Learn tut for future references.

Onwards and upwards!

Hey @sakotturi , Ryan from Sworkit here. The choice to have a separate free app was made 2 years ago when in app purchasing for hybrid apps was impossible. If it were a new decision, we would probably go the route of in-app purchasing using this plugin:

Definitely a good question for others though. Anyone have feedback on this plugin?

Look forward to hearing what route you take.