Scss directories has gone on ionic-app-base


I noticed that the scss directories were removed from the base repo.
Is this a mistake or are you planning some changes?


I have the same issue, when downloading the base repo from the website.

@max why did you delete SCSS directories ? (github commit)

Oh no, my bad! I just put it back in. @javpaw @Daveloose @rossioddet. We need to automate this :slight_smile:

Thanks @max !
You forget the “www/lib/ionic/scss” directory :slight_smile:

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Ahh! Just pushed, sorry!

Now I get the following error:

[gulp] Starting 'sass'...
Assertion failed: (handle->InternalFieldCount() > 0), function Unwrap, file ../src/node_object_wrap.h, line 61.
[1]    92284 abort      gulp sass

Anyone else?

@frabrunelle I have the same error.

Max, I can’t find scss dir in beta-13 and nighties. Is it mistake?

don’t think they ship the scss in the nightly - not sure of the reason - have asked before but can’t recall why

wish they did as they as really part of the base source and if you are making scss changes and compiling it in a build would be nice to know it is at the same version/level as the nightly


Hi, thanks. Using bower and updating nightly via CLI is the way to go. I would like to have it bundled at least for betas though.