Access to nightly SCSS file?

I started a project with 1.0 beta and have linked in the nightly JS bundle. However, I had started to customize the local SCSS file per A few things aren’t working for me when I use this (some popup weirdness) but the problems appear to be solved when I use the nightly CSS. Is there a way to get the nightly SCSS file or should I just fall back to my own CSS and customize manually? Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see the SCSS files listed anywhere in the nightly ZIP.


I’d love this as well.

To get access to the “nightly” scss files, you have to have clone the repo or download a zip of it. The best bet is to clone the repo or use bower to install ionic into a workflow, then update it. There really is not true nightly scss file.

OK. Fair enough. Thanks for the reply.