Sass not refreshing with LiveReload

Hi All - I’ve just converted over to use scss, and I performed “ionic setup sass”, and then with ionic serve it will compile the first time I load (it’s failing because of some bugs) but once I save my fixes it won’t automatically reload. Is there something I could be missing?
My serve says:

Watching : [ ‘www//*’, '!www/lib//*’ ]

Thanks in advance!

So, I’ve found that once I got all the things preventing compilation in my scss code fixed then the live reload works just fine. But once I break it again I have to re-start ionic serve. Anyone else have that issue?

This is something you could add to your project to aid in that.

Something we are talking about adding to the base project

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Gotta love that name :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info!

I have the same problem, a big problem!
If I change nothings change on Livereloaded page
How can we fix? Disable scss?