LiveReload triggers page refresh when changing/watching scss

First of all amazing stuff going on here.
I’m having trouble getting livereload to only refresh the compiled css.
I’m developing on windows, and when executing ‘ionic serve’ and sass --watch on my scss files, LiveReload triggers a page refresh instead of reloading only the CSS file. this makes my styling very tedious.

The scss file sits in the www/scss/app.scss folder of the project, it imports the ionic.scss inside www/scss/ionic/ionic.scss, and builds into www/lib/ionic/css/ionic.css.

This is according to the guide here:

I am going to test trying to put the scss outside the www folder and see what happens, but in the meanwhile an explanation from the community could be valuable.


Okay it’s working after I’ve changed the structure to
and sass --watch scss/app.scss:www/lib/ionic/css/ionic.css

is this the way it’s supposed to play out?

What you should do is follow the instructions that come with the base app.