Ionic v3 CLI - SASS not auto updating


I read through changelog for cli v3 (removed setup sass command, etc), and I wanna report that the sass reload is buggy.

For instance, page does get refreshed after a scss change, but it doesnt get updated instantly. It updates on the next refresh

Anyone else experiencing this?

See if this is a known issue:


Well, I did a quick check here now and was googling a lot for this before I posted

Couldn’t find a known issue about it so far

Then you should create one. Sounds like a pretty clear bug.

Well, I’m actually trying to figure out first is it just me that’s experiencing that… thats why I asked here :wink:

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Iam also facing the same exact issue

cli 3.6.0
ionic 1.3.1

Meanwhile, I checked on another project and all worked fine.

My main project still not working and I have no idea why

You should really create an issue then…