Bug: sass does not compile with "run" or "build", only with "serve" and "live reload"


Once sass is properly setup as per the ionic docs, it only compiles the sass when doing “ionic serve” or runing with “live reload”

It should compile sass when doing “ionic run android” buit it does not! so i gotta run “ionic serve” then stop it, then run “ionic run android” to make an apk that contains the changes to the css!

I think this is a bug.

Edit: Once “ionic serve” was started and stopped, any other modifications to the scss will trigger a sass compilation until the terminal window is killed. This might explain why this has not bothered me before. So, to reproduce: make sure you kill all processeses from “ionic serve” that might be already watching …, then modify the scss, then do “ionic run android” and see for yourself that the css/style does not change.


I have the same problem, a big problem! How can we fix? Disable sass?


Bump! Does anyone has any insight on this? Am I doing it wrong?