Ionic Serve with Livereloading doesn't work anymore


Ionic serve stopped totally to watch any changes in html, scss or ts in order to update the project.
Have to stop it and start it new to update.
Tested it outside of the ICloud & also with two different IDEs: Webstorm and Visual Studio Code . No difference anyway. Also tried without Page lazy loading and also don’t work anymore. Please can someone help me, it’s really annoying.

maybe someone other also got this issue.
I implemented the lazy loading for pages, which is supported in Ionic 3.
When I change something in the .ts file, sometimes it loads it and sometimes I have to stop the ionic serve and run it again. So that it runs the new code.
Do you know, why this happen?
Is this an issue of the new version, which is not fixed yet?

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anyone else got this problem? as you maybe can expect, it’s very irritating.


The recent issue I’ve noticed is that when I change components, that isn’t always reflected in the page. But changing pages and global providers works normally for me.


Ok, so it works for you with the Module for each Page and pushing like ‘HomePage’ etc?
Any suggestions someone? Maybe, some other issue with building?


I opened a bug for this or for something similar


Can some Ionic Supporter help us?
As you would expect, it’s really bad, that you have to program and always stop the console and then start it again to see the results. Have anyone got a solution for this or should we stop with ionic page lazy loading?


new Issue. Ionic serve doesn’t reload anything anymore. Please help me


This is a community forum. If you want to contact Ionic support, this is here:[quote=“Philipp_Websteps, post:7, topic:98593, full:true”]
new Issue. Ionic serve doesn’t reload anything anymore. Please help me

Create a new topic with some more information, your ionic info output etc. I will not start debugging this her into this hijacked topic about another thing.