Run Ionic React Capacitor App on webserver

i have an ionic react app. i build my app und copied all files from build folder to my webserver, but the startpage is empty.
Webserver: standard apache

The App works fine with ionic server on localhost und also with Android in Android Studio Simulation

What do i wrong?

Not a lot to go off of from that. What’s the url for the web app?
What assets are you deploying to your hosting provider?
What do the browser dev tools tell you?

I created a folder /ionic on the webserver. The path is


“description”: “An Ionic project”,
“homepage”: “/ionic”


“appId”: “”,
“appName”: “appname”,
“bundledWebRuntime”: true,
“npmClient”: “npm”,
“webDir”: “build”,
“cordova”: {}


When i visit the index.html is shown with html tags but without content

It´s this ionic example:

It works when i copy the files direct into the webserver root to launch the app direkt with
So it´s a path problem. Is there another file i have to set the path?

I think the “homepage” property in package.json only applies to webpack-launched development servers. You will need to configure your Apache server to serve the app from the “/ionic” path.