Ionic URL vs webDir. How to run app from webDir

I’m using Ionic with Capacitor and Angular 13. Why is my Andriod app not using my Dist Folder, but instead using the URL? To get my app to work I have to point the url to my firebase site> Example:
At the bottom, where the URL is, the app ends up using the site for code, rather than the web dir.
“appId”: “”,
“appName”: “myapp”,
“bundledWebRuntime”: false,
“npmClient”: “npm”,
“webDir”: “dist/Myapp”,
“plugins”: {
“SplashScreen”: {
“launchShowDuration”: 0
“Keyboard”: {
“resize”: “body”,
“style”: “dark”
“cordova”: {
“preferences”: {
“ScrollEnabled”: “true”,
“BackupWebStorage”: “none”,
“SplashMaintainAspectRatio”: “true”,
“FadeSplashScreenDuration”: “300”,
“SplashShowOnlyFirstTime”: “false”,
“SplashScreen”: “screen”,
“SplashScreenDelay”: “3000”
“server”: {
“hostname”: “MyApp”,
“iosScheme”: “ionic”,
“androidScheme”: “http”,
“url”: “

If you set the server.url variable in your Capacitor config, it will load those files rather than files on device. If you want to load the files you’ve synced locally just remove the server.url variable.

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