Tutorial/guide to build for Ionic-React-Electron app

i’m trying to build from scratch an app with ionic-react & electronjs, but following official "get started"guide
electron main page is blank and not correctly shown.

My commands are:

ionic start myApp blank --type=react
cd myApp

to build a new react-ionic generic app

Following this official guide

I added capacitor with this command:

ionic integrations enable capacitor
npx cap init
ionic build

I had to change capacitor.config.json file to link a public folder instead www folder, otherwise

npx cap add electron

could not be able do add an electron sub-project

Finally, launchin electron app with this command

npx cap open electron

Electron page was visible, but blank (seems react components was not parsed correctly)
I attach screenshot.

Thanks for anyone can help me.

No help?
I think issue is confirmed here

Following the router for app:

<IonReactRouter> <IonRouterOutlet animated={true}> <Route path="/" component={ABC} exact/> </IonRouterOutlet > </IonReactRouter> </IonApp>