Build ionic react for web display blank

First time building ionic react for the web and i got a blank, but if i serve the build locally it’s working.

it’s a shared hosting using apache server.

i’ve added homepage property to package.json file and assign as it’s value. The files are loaded, but still only showing a blank page. What should i do?

When I visit the link in your post I see an Ionic app; did you get it fixed?

Yes, it simply because the routing. I still don’t know why it doesn’t work on sub folder, but it is working on root. I just remove the routing so that i won’t be redirected to home. Also place the codes from home.tsx to app.tsx and it’s working. Btw, do you have an explanation to this? why is it not working on sub folder?

If you host your Ionic React app in a subfolder like, you will need to update all your routes to include /app in the path; otherwise, the matches in react-router (which Ionic uses as the base router) will be wrong.

i see, that makes sense. thank you