To Ionic Devs that use WebStorm IDE

Please click on this link

and vote for it :wink:

How can I vote? See no buttons…

(Not a WebStorm IDE user - but the website doesn’t know that :stuck_out_tongue: )

But --v2 for example is not useful any more.

Do you have a link to the IDE integration this is talking about?

you have to sign in and its a little check mark below the gray box on right :slight_smile:

i’m talking about the templates

$ ionic start [appname] [template]

ie. $ionic start myApp tabs

How is this implemented in Webstorm? Is there some documentation available?

WebStorm is an excellent IDE from (

  1. Ionic Install
  2. I installed WebStorm
    a. it created a folder called WebStormProjects
  3. Start Webstorm
  4. in (webstorm) create new project select “PhoneGap/Cordova” or “Cordova”
  5. set the folder name in the dialog
  6. press create


Webstorm has terminal built in so you can execute ionic generate from with in the IDE

Ah ok. So exactly what is that issue for that we voted on?


When you create a project using Ionic’s CLI you have options to create like

tabs : a simple 3 tab layout
sidemenu: a layout with a swipable menu on the side
blank: a bare starter with a single page
super: starter project with over 14 ready to use page designs
tutorial: a guided starter project

Example: $ ionic start [myProjectName] tabs

but when I create new project in Webstorm I have no way of telling it to use a template.

Note: this was an issue was posted when you had to use the --v2, but since that is not needed, I think this was lost, in the meaning, but now ionic 2 has template you can call. I hope this explains it.