Questions about Ionic Cloud

I’ve read the posts and documentation about the Ionic Cloud and there are still some things I don’t understand. Maybe someone could help me?

Context: We’re developing an app in Ionic 2. Currently its back end is Firebase. The Ionic Cloud services are more attractive to me, so I’d like to add it, or switch, if possible. This app will run on Android, Apple, and Windows devices, as well as a web page that makes use of service workers when accessed by a browser that supports them.


  1. Does Ionic Cloud now support Ionic 2 apps? For a long time, the documentation said no. I don’t see those warnings anymore. Does that mean Ionic 2 support is now available? Or did I just go blind?

  2. We need to be able to store sound and video in separate files. Firebase does this. Is there any file storage in Ionic Cloud? Or would I need to, say, store video files on Firebase, and handle user authentications and pushes with Ionic Cloud?

  3. With Ionic Cloud, are there any helpers required, like angularfire2 and Firebase? One of the most annoying aspects of development has been how angularfire2 is not synched with Firebase updates. This created a lot of scary errors until I realized what was going on. So what are the parts in motion for Ionic Cloud? Do you expect similar broken dependencies as has been happening with Firebase?

Thanks very much!