Best backend options -- help a noob!

I’m creating my first Ionic 2 app, and am looking for a good backend service for 1) user authentication, 2) JSON-like storage of user data, and 3) live deploys of code changes. What are the best options?

Ionic offered them all, but now that IonicDB is gone I am using AWS DynamoDB for (2). I’m considering switching to Firebase, but as near as I can tell it doesn’t support (3). Any suggestions? Thanks!!

Too many questions. i hope i can help a bit. If i am wrong, others can correct me.

Good backend service: I understand that you want to store data remotely through a restful api. You can use firebase cloud storage which will return your data in a JSON format which then with logic in your app, you can manipulate. Thats the only feature I have tried in FCM. I have not tried the authentication feature.

JSON-like storage: local or remote? Ionic offers some solutions like IonicStorageModule or Cordova plugin native storage. For remote storage and sync, check out this tutorial

live deploys of code changes: that is a paid feature of Ionic called Ionic Deploy.

Seperate your requirements 1+2 from 3 - there is no overlap between data persistence and live updates. There are many, many solutions for 1 and 2, use Ionic Deploy for 3.

Wow, that’s kinda what I was suspecting but I’m shocked that nobody offers 1+2+3. What tools would you suggest I use? Right now I’m doing 1+3=ionic and 2=dynamodb. The other thing I was considering was 1+2=firebase (or something else) and 3=ionic. The advantage I see there is that I can probably link user credentials with the JSON data for easier access, and Firebase would also allow me to add other databases if need be down the road. What would you recommend? Thanks again!!