Ionic2 deploy support

I want to use deploy with ionic2. I read in the forum that support is in progress. Any idea what a likely ETA might be or if there is a work around to use now ?


They performed an interview about the services one could use some days ago, it seems that they are working hard to get their beta off soon, hopefully the next month.

Is the interview online anywhere? I’d love to follow the developments of the Ionic 2 support of the platform. I’m currently building an app that is due to be deployed in August and I’m really hoping that it will be V2 compatible by then.

Woot, a survey I meant, all members got that email I think.

Same ask here, my impression was that for v2 would be available by the end of this summer (2016) … I asked for exact dates but this summer is the best answer I got.

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I know the guys are hard at work. Ionic Framework v2 brings a TON of huge changes with it. Most of them are good, but it can’t be easy to port a huge amount of functionality in from v1 to v2. I’m sure they’re working on it and will let us know when it’s done.

Although, if they are looking for beta testers, I’d love to volunteer. =)

I’d love to volunteer too.

I think that last progress in Ionic 2 deploy is this:

This looks very interesting. It’s also the first time I’m hearing the branding for “Ionic Cloud” as opposed to the “Ionic Platform”. Any news from an official outlet on what the plan moving forward is?