Need general help/suggestion for online storage (Firebase?)

Hey everybody , i would like to build in an online storage into my app, its not a published app , im building for internal use in our company only…

till now ive just used a simple json backend which writes and reads the json file from the phones sdcard.
But now that the app is working nicely , id like to build in an online storage system becasue , 2 or more people might use the app on different devices at the same time but for the same customer its also more secure.

I thought about using firebase becasue its supposed to save localy and syncs to the online database at a later time for situations where you might have no data connection. … its important that it syncs even across restarts and preferably without maintanance (automatically in the background).

Firebase promises that in their advertisement. And i could also easily deploy a webapp (for the pc) with access to the same database.

now i would like to hear recommendations if and how i should implement it correctly in ionic (the most native approach with best funtionality/automatism).
if it doesnt work out , i would also opt for a sql database but i got no idea about that , preferably id like to use firestore because éase of use/maintanance… im a noob programmer and as a startup we just cannot aquire the expensive professional systems on the market so i have to make my own.

For our purposes we could go forever on the free plan for firebase , or at least for the first years,

Is the native cordova plugin for firebase capable of accessing firestore and firecloud ? the documentation is pretty sparse.
or should i rather use another method? i think therees also a node.js plugin and a browser implementation. Which is the best ? Or the most compatible with ionic apps on android ?

Thanx a lot for all help

Ok i think i already have it. was pretty easy (for now ! lol)

i used this tutorial :

but in app.module.ts

you need to use:


in imports. I tested this with flightmode and crashing the app , and data seems to be synced even across those downtimes and crashes.

Hope it helps someone. Thank god its so easy to implement and use , test and manage. Google really made something very nice here, i highly recommend to all other noobs who dont want to learn sql lol.

I get all the features of a super duper Database with datasecurity on top ,

no huge management code or whatever ,

basically just like saving many smaller jsons instead of a big tree all at once …