Proper way to move Android app to iOS? and Windows?

This should be a short and easy one. Just don’t want to do this until I know the proper way.

I have built a beta version of my App for Android on my Windows computer thanks to the Vagrant box.

I want to now build the iOS version, because that was the entire point of using Ionic/Cordova , one code to rule them all.

So we have a Mac Mini and will download all the right iOS SDK’s and setup node/cordova/ionic and everything properly.

My question is: Is it as simple as ionic platform add ios and then build? or should I remove the android folder first from the project? if I keep the project on an external drive can I then later just bring it back to the windows computer to add support for Windows Phone 8?

If its not that simple, is there a good simple tutorial out there? I have done some searching on Google and the Forums and either a) its so simple its not a question (just add and build) or b) I am not using the right vernacular and not finding the appropriate threads.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

You don’t have to remove your android platform, yes it’s simple in that you just add the ios platform.

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awesome possum, i was hoping it was that easy!

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