Build iOS app using ionic 2

I have build my Ionic App for android (in windows) , and now i want to build the same app for IOS , so do i need to repeat the whole process for IOS or is there any way out . ?

What exactly did you do for Android?
Normally you just add iOS as a platform to your project and then build the app the same way you did for Android.

but did this ionic build ios works in windows ? it doesn’t. Right.
So copy the whole project from my windows to Macbook ??

Or use git to push to a repository and then back down again onto your macbook.

Then just run ‘ionic platform add ios’ and send to a device/emulator providing you have setup xcode. There are good tutorials on youtube etc for this, you should have no problem.

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@mkanmori gave the correct answer, but if you wouldn’t have a MacBook you could also use Ionic Package to build it in the cloud and just get the finished .ipa file as a download.

Hi guys, I’m currently trying to do a cloud build but the usual command doesnt seem to work anymore since update, is there a new command?

Please don’t hijack other threads. Create a new one and please also provide some information on your environment (ionic info) and what you think is the “usual command” that is not working any more.

Apologies, I have since found out that the cli hasnt been updated yet