Installing, Going round in circles

I want to start using Ionic and have a dev Virtual box running ubuntu and a tabs version of ionic running and all is OK.

How do you use phonegap with it or Cordova? Do you need a mac.

Also why can’t I see the cordova project when Ionic is installed? Do I have to make a new cordova app using node then put ionic inside of it. I keep going round in circles with this and this is not explained very well

Am I better off using windows for this?

by running

ionic start myApp tabs
cd myApp
ionic platform add ios
ionic platform add android

ionic will then create a cordova/phonegap instance under myApp/platforms/ios and myApp/platforms/android, however you dont need to alter these. instead change any files under myApp/www folder and run the following commands to copy over changes to each platform directory

ionic build ios
ionic build android

This way you have one codebase for both platforms, with ionic handling the cordova stuff. If you want to test and deploy an ios app you will need a mac, but android should be fine on ubuntu/windows

Awesome, got ya