Produce ipa file with Ionic Services using a windows pc

Well our first Ionic 2 app (using a windows PC) is nearly built with the testing on an Android tablet.

Now we need to check if it runs OK on an iPhone - reading the ionic website I think the Ionic Services will generate an IPA but you have to sign into the Apple developer account which costs $99. Before I do this can anyone confirm that using the Ionic Services from a windows PC will generate the IPA for downloading on a iPhone?

No matter what solution you use to build your iOS app, you are going to have to pay $99 to Apple to get into the App Store. You can get a free developer cert for testing, however. You can use that cert of development builds.

Thanks @ChrisGriiffith - I don’t object to the Apple fee.
Cannot find free developer account for testing only Individuals or Organizations.

Doesn’t exist free developer account for Apple…

So basically if I join the Apple developers account and get a certificate will Ionic Services be capable of generating the IPA file which I can load on my iPhone - to test that the app is OK?

yes, you’re right, you can also do beta testing with testflight

@fabioferrero Thanks for the info.