Generating iOS Certificates with free Apple ID?


Hello all, I’m trying to ONYL generate the .ipa file for distributing my app. I DO NOT NEED to upload the app on the App Store.
I’m using Ionic Cloud, and trying to generate the .ipa via “Package” CLI, but the security profile tag i’m using must have an iOS Certificate attached into it.
So my question is: Can I generate the certificate with a free Apple development account?

Ps: I’m using Windows right now, but I may have access to a MacBook with Xcode (still free apple development account).

@Edit: And if I can’t, can I generate the Certificate in Windows using a U$99 paid account? So I can build the .ipa using Ionic Cloud Package?



no you can’t. ( that’s what i found out )

Had the same issue but apple is not that developer friendly. If you find any solution or workaround please tell me but at the moment i think it is not possible.