About paid and free versions

hi, i’m new on ionic. I was preparing an application with html on a different platform before. While creating the ipa and apk files, it was enough to upload the zip file. There are paid and free versions on the ionic platform. Can I create ipa with my windows computer by using cordova plugins (camera, qr barcode etc.) without paying with ionic? what obstacles come up? thank you for your interest in advance.

As far as i know you NEED xcode to build the final ipa File, so you need a Mac (Apple is tricky). But in general you can build a complete App for both Platforms without any paid services.

Just adding to what @EinfachHans has said, you do not need any of the paid services. But you do need to have a mac in order to build for iOS (their rules, not ours).

The paid services (Ionic Appflow) are extras to help developers be more productive.