Problems running ionic 2 on Android (5.1.2

I have a lot of Problems trying to run Ionic 2 on android.
When i try to run the ionic2 example app on my Android Phone (Android 4.1.2) i get the white screen of death. When i try to run in on the emulater (Android 6.0) it crashes. Where is the problem, and why did it work with Ionic 1?

“A lot of problems” is quite vague - could you be more specific?

If you need to support Android version older than 4.4 then you can use Crosswalk:

Could you provide some details, e.g. run ionic info and paste the output here, error, stack trace?

THANKS, i did not know that you have to use Crosswalk, i will look into that tomorrow :slight_smile:

The android 6.0 emulator is now working after i switched it from snapshot to host gpu

Ok, great, I’m glad you figured it out.