Anyone with a working Android 4.3 app for Ionic2

Does anyone have an example, no matter how simple, that works on Android 4.3?
I have tried the Conference app, starters [Turorial, Sidemenu, Tabs, Blank] all with no luck.
I always get the WSOD.
I have tried different Android version targets, rebooted, reinstalled, updated, prayed and… well, it only goes downhill from there.
All attempts, by the way, work on other Androids eg: 5.1 and in browser. Not a hiccup since Beta 6 or maybe even 5.

My Android SDK is 23.1 ( I also have 25.1.3 installed )


IonicV2 supports android 4.4 and up.
The older browser on pre-4.4 devices do not have the features needed for ionic2 and angular 2 to work.

Though this can be fixed with crosswalk.

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I guess you mean Ionic2 does not support lower than 4.4?
Ionic 1 worked fine on 4.3, in my experience.

I suppose this is also a final decision on Ionic’s part as well.
Too bad but OK, at least now I can stop beating my head.

Yes, updated my post. Ionic V2 supports 4.4 and up.

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Hello I’m facing the same issue as well, The Toolbar alignment breaks up in android 4.4 and below. When I first installed the app on Android 4.4.2 I got a blank screen. It works perfectly on Android 5.0 and above. What could be the issue for this? Is this issue resolved in beta 25?

@chandroiud I would recommend you to try with Crosswalk, check the linked topic for details:

Thanks I will look into crosswalk and try build an app for 4.4 version

For me, crosswalk generate app size is too big, so i find a better solution is “x5 engine” if u your app is target China.
And I build a cordova plugin if u want:

Hello All there at IONIC Forum,

I have resolved the issue by using the below link and debugging the app as mentioned in it.

Thanks for your support…