Application Error running a Ionic2 app on Android 4.2.2

Hi guys,
I’ve an app done with Ionic2 that doesn’t works with Android 4.2.2.
After the splash screen, a white screen appears and after some more seconds a message saying:
"Application Error: The connection to the server was unsuccessfull (file:///android_asset/www/index.html) "
The app works well on Android 6.x.

I’ve read some posts in which they say that I should use “crossswalk”.
But what is it?
How and where shuould I install it?
Is it a Ionic library?
Did you ever use it?

Thank you very much

Hi :slight_smile:

Year to correctly get ionic working and this old Android Versions use Crosswalk.
It is a Chrome Emmbed Browser for Cordova Apps.

you can simply install it with this command
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview

the negatives are that the size of you app increases about 25 MB

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The other negative is that crosswalk has been end-of-lifed, so it won’t get any more fixes, including if security problems come up.


Yes this is correct but how do you want to get Ionic Working on this old Android Versions without Crosswalk?

He should do two Build for older Devices and newer Devices

I’m saying that one should consider the fact that Crosswalk is no longer supported upstream when deciding how far back one wants to try to support. IOW, maybe it’s not worth it.

Thank you both for your advices. At the moment I think that the drawbacks are more than the advantages so I won’t use crosswalk. The app now works well I don’t this is convenient to add more heavy components.

Hello All there at IONIC Forum,

I have resolved the issue by using the below link and debugging the app as mentioned in it.

Thanks for your support…!

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